E3 predictions

With E3 2019 coming up in the next month, what are your predictions for it?

Personally i think Re-logic is gonna announce a new game (or something like that), EA is (again) gonna make a fool out of themselves, Bethesda will act as if Fallout 76 will get fixed, and maybe some cringey parts

I thought Re-Logic had another game but they cancelled it. Terraria Otherworld pr something like that

yeah they were working on it for awhile. i forgot why they ended production on the game, maybe cause they wanted to focus more on Terraria.

ah man i really hope to see the last of us 2

Unturned II Release Trailer. And if that doesn’t happen, just… Nelson bad. I’d gladly go flood all my cash into an actual decent game like Unturned 2.0 III. I hope you’re taking notes mr Sexton. :triumph:


Can’t wait to see some more of Cyberpunk 2077. Apart from that I am not really hyped for anything, although a new CryTek game would be neat but chances are that won’t happen.

Unturned II reveal trailer?

Another CrowbCat E3 cringe/fail compilation.

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hell yea

cyberpunk 2077 motherfuckers

They won’t intentionally dedicate time to Fallout 76, nor will they to their controversial Skyrim spin-offs.

They’ll probably make Doom Eternal their highlight. Wolfenstein. Surely nothing about Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or Starfield.

Hi, I’m the lead director of Xbox; so let’s talk about backwards compatibility and putting that on the cloud

I think Unturned is gonna have a booth and Nelson is going to greet everyone the way he greets people.

I want to see Nicalis talk about the new TBOI DLC too.

Another game that has Ray Tracing but won’t be availible till November.

  • Unturned II announced for the Wii

  • A new trailer for Pokémon Sword/Shield

  • ???

  • Nintendo probably won’t do as well as Microsoft

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