Eaglefire-Scope-Reflex issues

Quite a verbose title.
When attaching a scope to the rear rail of an eaglefire, and a reflex sight to any of the handguard rails, the game will zoom in to the sight on the handguard. If you then remove the sight, the game apparently still thinks the sight is attached, and will try to zoom in to the nonexistant sight, producing results like this:
Reflex attached to left rail:

Right rail:

Top rail:

Note: In this instance, the eaglefire goes entirely off screen. This is a screenshot just before it goes out of sight.

But worst of all, the bottom sight:

Also, if you attach the reflex sight to the top-front rail, the camera will clip through the scope:


Unturned II beta in a nutshell


Demo. It’s more of a demo

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Yeah, but the title of unturned II says otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

imagine flagging my “give key nelsen” joke :joy::ok_hand::sweat_drops:


You can make jokes, but try to keep them to threads where they’re even somewhat on-topic.

btw I didn’t and wouldn’t have flagged it, but I can’t disagree with whoever did.

Jokes are being made in every post, no matter how serious.
I thought I would adapt to the community and start posting weird stuff a few days after a devlog released. But yeah you are probably right, didnt mean to harm anyone lol

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