Early Access to Unturned II for veteran?

I’m a little intimidated to ask but uh… I’ve been playing Unturned since 6th grade in various cafes on my rinky 2009 laptop and despite only pulling a few frames a second, I really, really enjoyed it. I’ve put 920 hours in on said laptop and now that I’m all grown up I finally splurged and bought a whole gaming rig and… Well, now I am kinda craving that unturned II beta. However, I don’t meet the 2k hour requirement and honestly, I feel almost entitled to it? Not to sound like a pompus ass, but I have loved this game for years and I’d love to see what II has waiting for me. Is there any way I’d be able to get access? I can pay you in kisses and pictures of giraffes? xoxo thanks mates in advance!






That being said, you deserve a reasonable and detailed explanation as to why this won’t work. For one, there’s more than just your thread that’s begging asking for a key. To be eligible for a key, you need to either have outstanding contributions as a Regular on this forum, be an Unturned Youtuber, or 2000+ hours on Unturned.


Welcome to the forum! At this point there isn’t really anything to be obsessed over with the UII beta except for horde mode and Blastlane. Not sure what the current hour requirement is but since you’re around 1k already you probably won’t have to wait too much longer for access. If you’re still interested in the beta, bringing that up to 1,000 hours may help in case the requirement drops to that before going any lower.

How long have you had the gaming rig though and what kind is it?

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Yes, sure, you can get Unturned II by

w a i t i n g


this is the state of unturned forum 2019 in a nutshell

but lenson pleas gievr me the unturn 2.0 please. I have spend 232 long hours on my 2001 lenovo think pad playing unturned 1.0 and am etitled to the game NOW.

If you do not give me the game RIGHT NOW then my dad will come to canada and beat you up (he works for steam).


Yeah pretty much

He might not understand the standards for “veteran” we hold here. (Now he does)
920 hours for any game is substantial and is understandable why he might feel entitled to it.

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he can have the game when it’s out, or just get more hours. Whining on this forum gets you nowhere.

And what is there to even do in UII currently? It’s not even a playable game yet.

Unturned II isn’t quite into the stage one could construe as “Early Access” yet, at least not in the same manner as Unturned was - it’s still in a semi-private beta. As a result, it will eventually be made available to everyone - and the current hour requirements have already been lowered to 2000 hours a couple months ago (meaning another lowering will be likely soon enough).

Ultimately, UII in its current state is little more than a tech demo, and you will have your chance to play when the time is right and the game is more fleshed out. Don’t worry too much about it, though to potentially improve your chances to get it sooner you may consider pushing your hours to the 1000 mark as well as getting significantly involved in the SDG Forums (and the community as a whole).

Also, welcome to the SDG Forums!


It’s cool & all that you’ve been around for a while, though I doubt it would mean much to the 2nd game like every other early access players from 2014. Even being a Crimson Beret owner myself I wouldn’t be able to get the UII beta with my measly 600 recorded hours if I was more obscure.

Though it may sound discouraging, but like what other said there isn’t really much to expect at the game’s current state unless you don’t mind the small work-in-progress features the developer gives out, or owning the game earlier makes you feel good.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with waiting it out, plus the game would be more intriguing to play when more features are added and refined. After all, we’re all beta testers at the end.


So, I’m going to assume that Unturned II will be more fleshed out in a few months. I mean, Nelson is doing this on his own after all. I will assume he’ll release it in Mid to Late January 2020 for players with +1,000 hours, as well as fully releasing Unturned II in April or June of 2020. This is just assumptions however, I have no clue when it’s coming out or when it’ll be accessible for people with +1,000 hours.

It would be nice if Nelson could evaluate each individual case, and provide unique codes to specific people like he did in wave 1, but that’s impractical for several reasons (including limitations with how many of those access codes can be created through Steam, and how much of Nelson’s time can be spent assessing candidates and distributing access to them versus how much time he’s spending actually working on the game.) In the real world your best bet to get access would probably be to play/idle for the remaining 1080 hours you need. (The requirement has been lowered from 2400 to 2000 and you can hope that it’ll be lowered again by the you get there.)


Ack, I’m late.
Thanks for the civil reply, Yarrrr. I didn’t mean to come across as begging and you understood that, so good on you. Honestly, I wanted a bit early access to II mostly to see if my pc could run it, and if not, I’d have some things to save up for.

I’ve had it a few months, and it’s custom.
gtx 1650 4gb
8gb RAM (to be upgraded soon)
intel i7 3.4ghz

It’ll run it with that. I’m getting up to 60 fps with an i7-4720HQ at 2.6 GHz, a GTX 960M which is also a 4 gigabyte model and 16 gigabytes of RAM.


I second this

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bUt i haVe Erly aCCess bEreT