Earth quakes

2 earth quakes just happend
15 days between them both on friday on 9 pm both 5 on the richter scale, coincidence?

yeah, probably


Yes, most likely a coincidence.


no it’s the government illuminati cia lizard people

2 earthquakes happened at exactly the same time, what is the next number from 2? 3. how many corners does the illumniati triangle have? 3.


Literally where ? Earthquakes happen all the time in many places.

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in algeria

How did you lose your regular status

Not as active post-like wise (and like-wise)

Bruh it was meteor

I woke up coughing really bad, I felt blood come out of my lungs.

Probably tb. Go to the doctors.

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How can there be 15 days between them if they’re both on a Friday? It can only be 6+x*7. So 0, 6, 13, 20, etc.

What a classic damshady 2 thing to say. Shoulda seen it combing :sunglasses::rofl::rofl:

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