Easier IDs

I don’t know what to call this, so i will just call it easier IDs. You know that for example vehicles have their own IDs, even the different colors. It would be nicer if like a hatchback had an ID of 1 and if you wanted different colors, you would put /vehicle 1/3 if you wanted a blue hatchback. (The 3 means the color blue in this case.) This would make finding and remembering IDs easier if you just wanted the car and didn’t care about the color. This could be done with items as well. Like a parka’s ID would be 9 and if you wanted a yellow parka, you would type /give 9/6 (6 is the ID for yellow in this case) Sorry if this is confusing or my english is bad, it’s because it isn’t my native language.

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Invalid. Do your research next time you criticize others’ job.

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I think he isn’t saying that there’s no colors, just suggesting that in 4.0 color id is different then the regular id.

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Oh crap. Sorry i didn’t see this and i just wanted to write this quickly so i won’t forget this.

Something similar will most likely be a thing if/when vehicles and clothing items use color as an attribute.


Im sure this can be done but i think it would be too much of a hassle. The ID’s make it easy so that every object in the game has a set integer that can spawn it. i think that the system in place now is the best it can really get.

He’s suggesting to fragment IDs into multiple layers. The first for the object, the second for the color value. Technically, this would be better than the current system because the few objects (and originally, the vehicles) that do have multiple color palettes to choose from don’t have multiple IDs.

This means that when using the current editor you can spawn a house that randomly appears in different colors, but you can never choose the specific one now. This suggested system allows for either spawning them randomly, or placing a specific one (in terms of vehicles, objects, and clothing though). ie: Setting ID 3 in a spawn table (to have it spawn with any color attribute) or 3.1 (or 3/1) (which could spawn a specific color only).


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