Easter Eggs

Working with some of you to solve Soulcrystal and MK. II have been some of my favorite moments with Unturned ever, and I’m looking forward to more puzzles in the future, however, the last couple eggs have me a tad concerned. I’m not gonna say I’m disappointed with Hawaii’s or Germany’s main eggs, but they can basically be boiled down to “find some things, touch a thing, kill a thing”.

The Hawaii expansion came with a secret easter egg, which was a very nice surprise, however simple it was. I half figured the altar in La Luna Kahiko didn’t do anything at the current moment, but then I read the notes and figured there was more to it. I called together a hunt, and with a few friends, we discovered the other altars, and soon after, the boss fight.

Looking back on it, it was very simple, but also a bit unprecedented, coming from the Hawaii team. I hadn’t expected there to be anything there, but we see how that turned out. My biggest issue is that Secrets of Neuschwanstein was essentially a repeat of the Hawaii egg. What I mean by that is having to find the teleporter coils (altars), return to the teleporter (boss altar), then use it to kill the kaiser zombie (magma zombie).

I know Germany isn’t finished yet, nor were we even promised anything, but I had expected a bit more coming from Nelson. Perhaps expecting another MK. II is too much, but I’m hopeful we could get something similar in the future.

Despite everything, I still had fun solving it. Having the time to explore Germany first was a great help, instead of it releasing with an egg, and I know many others were happy to at least be able to enter the castle in some capacity. One of my favorite parts of the egg was the zweihander, and it’s part in everything. From the achievement icon, I already knew it existed, but the way it was just kinda sitting in the castle, waiting to be found, is the most appealing part to me. I was also able to capture our reactions finding it.

In all, I had wanted to discuss my feelings about the last couple eggs, what I’m hoping for in the future, and I’m curious what you guys have to say about all of it.

With all of that out of the way, and big, puzzle-y eggs aside, what are some of you guys’ favorite easter eggs? Mine has to be the dryer bombardment division, and the dryers strewn around all the main maps.