Easter Island is Actually Pretty Decent in terms of Current Curated Maps

So Originally, I didn’t really like Easter Island. It seemed kinda lame, but I played a good hour of it, not getting anywhere in particular, and before the writing of this i looked in the Devkit Editor (btw the Easter Island guys forgot to remove the Unlock file from the map xD ).

SPOILERS AHEAD (Except its kinda hidden yet not.)

So I decided to go under the big boi volcano, and saw a big boi cave system. It was pretty epic, and looked around. The Facility mixed with the natural cave was epic EXCEPT the fact that there was water under the cave?? Anyways, I managed to find an area with 3 tiki head bois, and saw they glowed and a red cross thing. This reminded me of Russia’s Moscow’s, special stone tunnel, so I remember in Germany, The Big boi Castles insides were at the edge of the map. So i decided to go to a corner, and saw a facility, and understood what it was, I looked around and deduced that the vents were destructible. Anyways, I tried to find the actual room (this entire thing reminds me of a unique but similar Hawaii Experience), and I found it at the other side, and I realized wow, this is one of the few Curated Maps that did that. It was cool, so good job East Island Map Team (overall would rate 7.5 / 10).


2.5 points were lost because of water under the caves :expressionless: smh


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