Eastern Europe Progress Update #2

I’ve worked more on the map and have added the biggest (or one of the biggest) cities in the map, Kiev! I’ve also added a safezone (WIP), and some other small locations. Here is the imgur album and here is the trello. For more common updates, join my discord. Thank you for looking!

Can you take some screenshot spoiler for us ?

what do you mean?

Can you show us images / photos of the map that you created?

I’ve got images in the imgur. If you want to see the chart/gps, look in the trello.

Nvm, it doesn’t fit lol.

XD I was too confused

Is it a reference to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series?image

Of course, comrade

union german

germany is a western european country

i can’t tell whether this is a cold war thing or just a misunderstanding of what constitutes a western or eastern european country

I’m not planning on adding any workshop items (except npcs and notes) to the map, so I have to use the official stuff. Plus Poland is on the map, and that borders Germany, so I have sorta valid reason to have German military stuff.