Easy/Normal Russia/PEI server that doesn't have 200 ping, is vanilla or TPA/home, First&Third, with players?

Raw explosives don’t spawn. What does spawn is detonators & demolition charges.

How is a ban on lootblocking a bad rule?
The reason why you can’t place traps on vehicles is because vehicle pvp is already broken enough.

third person is a crutch, get good lol

:grimacing: yep! For a map based on survival and crafting it sure is missing crafting materials.

“loot blocking” is entirely subjective. It just opens the door for admin abuse where admin abuse didn’t have to become a possibility. Another example of a terrible rule that allows admin abuse is “old raided structures getting cleaned up”.

I’ve had multiple bases get entirely wiped by admins because they’ve got their head so far up their ass that they cant just leave my base alone. I once had 40 cabinets all over Summerside Military Base, no protection, no floors, just randomly placed all over the walls, and it got wiped because “it was an abandoned base”. This happened 3 weeks ago lmao.

Do I want to deal with admin abuse in exchange for a little bit of loot getting unblocked? No. Does someone else? Maybe, that’s their prerogative

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