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Hello, dear Smartly Dressed Game team, I wanted to write to you and perhaps find solutions to the following problems.

  1. Firstly, because of this, the game developer turned off the dropout of items, the number of players, or rather, bots that farmed items, decreased. Following from this, the game has dipped in online among others very significantly (from 60 thousand players to 25-30 thousand). Here I can highlight a couple of issues that may arise in the future if item drops are not enabled on a permanent basis. One of these problems, the decrease in the number of players, as we all know, mostly schoolchildren play unturned, who received items for the hours they played and could sell, which brought them pleasure and you a pretty penny from taxes on each sale of the item. Another reason is the possibility that the economy will break down over time. Large collectors are still buying items to break them into materials for crafting items, therefore the volume of goods may decrease and the price will start to rise, which is not very good for the market.
  2. Secondly, I noticed a strange feature that in recent updates, premium sets have become relatively expensive, why can’t they be made cheaper, for example, by 30%, from which more people will purchase the goods, the more money you earn from sales, the more satisfied you will be players.
  3. In conclusion, I wanted to ask a question why crafting materials have become non-tradable? Yes, some people farmed items with the help of bots, but most of them sold these items on the market from where you received income, and other people bought these items, broke and traded.
    I would like to hear from the developer of the game, will the item drop be returned on a permanent basis? Will premium packs get cheaper? Nelson, just listen, people create content for you (mods, maps), strengthen the market, increase your income from sales of items, why are you putting a rake in your feet? At the moment, the game will simply lose its meaning, the players will leave it, you will lose your income and the question is what were you striving for?

I don’t know if prices rising is a bad thing. Yes, stuff is dirt-cheap but as long as it is not overly expensive I’m fine with that.
The premium set pricing is crazy for the blocky game, though. It’s not cs:go.

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[quote=“balalaika, post:1, topic:22246”]
Large collectors are still buying items to break them into materials for crafting items, therefore the volume of goods may decrease and the price will start to rise, which is not very good for the market.[/quote]
Crating was straight up designed as a sink.
The math on 2. does not check out plus the rise in price increase might just be inflation, really depends on where you live.
3 is a valid question to want to have answered but reeks of the “this will kill the game” schtick.

I would just like to point out that the 30k drop of players happened within the same hour as this post was made. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, BUT like i think i might be onto something.


I’ve been watching the player numbers for a long time now and I’m very very curious about what’s happening here;-

Drops were disabled on August 12th 2022- around this time, Unturned’s player count was around 60-67K players, steadily rising from the beginning of the year from the game’s first topped player count of 70K since the Russia map released in 2016 (55K Players)

2022 Year Graph

You’d expect that if there were any bots farming drops, there would be a sharp and near instant drop of players as a result of this change, but no- Unturned’s second new highest peak up from 70K after two months in October, with a new peak of 90K (the hump after the selected point there on the top graph).

Then, something weird happened, another new all-time peak was hit, this time 112K at the beginning of 2023. Now I assume the graph looks all funky since either the website doesn’t store the specific day by day data for too long or there was some sort of outage that couldn’t collect that data fully- I’m not sure so I won’t make any assumptions on it- regardless, this peak hit at a seemingly very erratic time since there was no update that week.

6 Month Graph

Another thing to mention before this next bit of info is that usually player numbers drop after an update for a moment as players and servers get the newest version of the game ready. After that the player number usually recuperates and stabilizes. Since the all-time peak, the game’s player count has been jumping between 90K and 60K, but in the last week, the game has dropped it’s player count to 40K, and hasn’t recovered since.

March 5th 2023 Graph

All in all, the playercount has been very, very erratic, and the in game server number playercounts do not reflect the numbers seen on SteamCharts at all. At most in estimation, I’ve seen maybe a maximum of 10K players on servers. If bots were farming items, shouldn’t they have been gone 6+ months ago? Are there regions that access Steam that aren’t accounted for by SteamCharts (Like China?)

I’m honestly very curious to see what’s happening here, and I’m sure Valve/Steam (maybe even SDG) have access to the demographics of who’s playing the game and from where.


Drops were disabled, yes. But they were back for a bit when Polaris dropped. Was that around December? So, theoretically, bots may have been farming Polaris drops…

I have to agree on the pricing for the bundles they are too expensive for not looking creative and also being just a copy of another asset although I do like the new Backpackpacs! at least they are bags, not some new animal or instrument


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