Editor and Workshop suggestions

Nelson put in his trello
-tools to randomly detail interiors
-random structure variations such as color and layout
But I think we should also have tools to randomly place down zombies. You could make a cube around an area, and press a button, would put zombies in a certain way around the cube. You would have options to change density and type of zombies, could be multiple types of zombies in one area too. Then, you could refine it with the current style of zombie tool.
Also the same for vehicles and animals.

We should have the advancedness of devkit with the easy to use legacy editor all in one.

Also have an editor tutorial.

Easy to make objects and guns in an ingame editor would be awesome.

I’m worried that this would lower the quality of workshop mods though.
But it can be fixed.
As seen in Nelsons 4.0 trello
-in-game view of subscribed content and ability to enable/disable or unsubscribe
An in-game view could have ratings, follow certain modders, subscription counts, and filters.
We could have an algorithm kinda like Youtube’s, but better. It would be better because Youtube’s algorithm is based off of getting more money, and they don’t listen to the community. There’s no money involved with mods. And we know Nelson listens. Nelson doesn’t have to mess with the algorithm himself. He could get “employees” (?) to do it for him.

Sorry if these suggestions are kind of hard to read.:weary:

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