Editor Presets and Toolbar Loadouts

Ok, another suggestion similear to Arma 3, here we go

So currently in 3.0 if we want to save a little compound or house we made some of us make a new flatworld map and slap all of our neat little projects or things we want to save and use on other maps, its a bit ineffiencent and a good work around would be the ability to save composite objects, (Not as in like a single object like a crane made out of multiple objects but a place or location built saved as 1 thing you can spawn) As well as that what about tool bar load outs, for example:

Detailing - Toolbar has a bunch of things like bricks, crates, barrels, containers, shelfs, trash bags, newspapers, furniture, bins, etc

City Building - Toolbar contains a bunch of road pieces and buildings commonly used, street lamps, etc

And more, even for whole location types we can have toolbar presets, its for work effiency and not have to remember what every object is called like we do in 3.0 which can be frustrating when you forget an objects name and then have to search your map to find that 1 object or open up another map to find it.


We aren’t getting an Editor, we’re going to be using a moddified Unreal Engine.


You would probably have to make your own tools like you can for unturned in unity now but as spebby said we aren’t getting an editor. Its always best to check the trello before posting something. https://trello.com/c/IrqHG3Mw/93-editor

So, would we then have to download a seperate program in order to make our maps? And in any way is this a good or a bad thing?

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We have to download a modified version of Unreal Engine 4, it’s a good thing because we aren’t bound by a editor.

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If it’s modified couldn’t that include special map editing tools like what he said?

you could modify it as much as you wanted to, Nelson doesn’t need to.

Oh terrific, but then again a lot of map editors don’t have much code experience or experience with unity at all, so hopefully free tools are able to be produced,

UII uses Unreal not Unity.


Yeah i meant to type unreal not unity i mean


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