Editor Safezone Crashing

When working in the editor, too many safezones seems to cause it to freeze and not respond until the application is closed in the task manager. When this happens the game still uses resources but will not unfreeze, regardless of how long you wait. When you reload the editor, not only will all progress be lost, but all nodes around the entire map will be removed, as if the entire file for them is corrupted.

This happens when placing too many at once before saving, but also when having too many on a map at all, even if you save after each one is placed, or leave the editor and re-open it after each safezone is placed.

Iā€™m not sure what else can be done to prevent this from happening, as it is creating a giant roadblock in map making. If there is any workarounds to fix this, I would appreciate any advice, but outside of that I just hope this problem is on the radar to be fixed in the future.


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