Editor suggestion: prefixes

In the object tab, it’s possible to search using a masterbundle. Curated maps & object maps often use prefixes e.g. Metro for Elver, PS for Arid, etc.

QOL suggestion: A seperate type-in-able box for these prefixes/masterbundle things
This’d allow for more convenient searching within map/mod assets, as you wouldn’t need to fiddle with typing in the prefix every time or worrying about accidentally deleting it.

wdyt? :3c


also nice since iirc the search window has a character limit and with some masterbundles you can be left with little room.

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Molt and I talked about this briefly today. I would certainly like to revamp asset searching, ideally with something general purpose for anywhere assets can be assigned. Perhaps you’re already aware, but just in case: There is a “favorite searches” feature which might be useful for what you’re doing: Favorite Searches — Unturned 0.1 documentation


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