EditorMap, problems with terrain outside of the original map


i want make another place for events.

So, when i gonna put objects like house, trees, i cant, as you can see in the pic i put a terrain outside the original map, and i want know how can i make it…

You probably placed it too far out. The game only officially supports up to the “Insane” map size (4x the size of Large maps).

Place the terrain tile closer. Alternatively, you could plce the stuff in the sky, or underground.

it isnt too far, it is like 4 square of far. Im gonna try and will say if works or not.

Well, that doesnt work, the “insane” map still works ?, becuase i can put the map insane, and put the volumes of chart/gps and easy peasy.

Other question, i use the npcmaker and want make a npc that needed a item for acced to him. I dont know how, can u explain me that plis ?

Also the quest with items, like, a quest needing items for take the reward

If your map is already Insane-sized, then consider using my alternative suggestions instead. (E.g., placing your areas under the map, or outside the map border but still within the tiles of an Insane-sized map.)

There is no official “NpcMaker” tool. I know there’s a couple third-party ones created by players, but you’ll want to ask whoever created it for help if something is confusing you.

If you’re familiar with how to set up NPCs normally, it sounds like you’re wanting to add an Item Condition to the NPC/quest/etc… Conditions — Unturned 0.1 documentation

oh ok, but i wanna know how make a npc with quests and rewards for lvl, like the unturnov you know, you need make a quest for get the lvl 2 the Armory o like that. I dont know make that, if is necessary a .dat or some like that.

NPC “levels” aren’t an actual game mechanic. That kind of stuff – for official, curated, and modded maps – is just handled by logic conditions.

It’s similar to how quests have conditions that players have to meet in order to complete them. But you can add conditions to a lot of things, including dialogue and vendors!

For example, on the vanilla Russia map:

  • Every x number of quests, players unlock new dialogue with Captain Sydney, and new vendor items. That’s how the map handles “ranking up” within the Coalition.
  • Every x number of quests, players unlock new dialogue with Doc Ernie, and new vendor items from Benny.
  • Russia has a couple quest lines, where completing one quest will unlock another.

If you wanted to keep track of the number of quests a player has done, you could increment a number each time a quest is completed. To do this, you could add a Reward to every quest where a Flag_Short is incremented by 1.

To have new vendor items appear at certain intervals (e.g., once 5 quests have been completed), you could then add a Condition to the vendor that checks if the value of that specific Flag_Short is at least 5 (by using the Condition_#_Logic Greater_Than_Or_Equal_To property).

The property syntax differs slightly between assets, so it’s worth reading the documentation for Vendors, Dialogue, or whatever you’re trying to add conditions/rewards to. Also, there’s several different types of conditions and logic types that can be helpful here, so it’s worth reading through the list of them!

A bit old now, but anyone with a similar issue (regarding Insane-sized maps) will want to refer to this support article that’s been recently added: “Why can’t I place objects outside the map border?”.

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