Effect volumes and nodes no longer work

I’ve been working on a map for a while and noticed recently that effect volumes that disabled lighting were no longer working, as well as the audio effects not playing. I assumed this was related to the nodes being in the legacy editor so I decided to place new ambiance volumes in the devkit, but these also seem to not work.

I’m not sure what’s causing this issue, though it may be related to a possible conflict with other volumes I’m using for weather? I’m not sure what else would resolve this issue since it seems vanilla maps like Russia have effect nodes that work fine. Any help would be appreciated!

smaller volumes inside of larger weather volumes don’t turn off lighting. on my map i had to make small holes in the larger volumes by moving them around. unfortunately this means that there won’t be weather above areas with no lighting.

edit: you could fix this by teleporting the player to a different area to represent the dark areas to get around this as well

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Yeah that’s what I assumed. Sadly I don’t think there will be a fix for this problem on my map unless the way this works is changed in unturned itself.

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