Effects from Unturned 2.2.5

Can you add motion blur (smoothing) and focus effects to graphics settings to 4.0? It was in 2.2.5 and i loved it.

Motion blur hit my fps like a truck. But now since I got a new setup, it would look really nice especially with Unreal Engine. Feeling so realistic

I very rarely ever use motion blur in any game, but I support this wholeheartedly regardless.

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Our eyes aren’t cameras. Turning your head doesn’t make literally everything blurry. Blur is used to mask FPS drops and only makes things look like garbage. Same with depth of field.

Chromatic Aberration - is an abomination

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Keep in mind, this it’s a game and motion blur makes it look a bit more appealing. Not realistic, but cinematic which gives that beauty to it


Unturned is not pretty or cinematic. Just because it’s a game doesn’t mean squat. Above all, it’s a survival game, and settings like these only hinder you.

I don’t understand the negativity of this coming from you. You can turn it off if you want with the click on a mouse. To me and many others, no matter the game, motion blur can add that final touch to a game’s appeal in graphics. Because I’ve seen Unreal Engine’s graphics. They’re really fancy and could need that motion blur if someone’s making a video/scenery. Again, it can be your choice to turn it off.

Motion blur is shit in most first person shooters, but some people like it so whatever

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That’s not negativity.

Someone is a bit “Out of focus” :stuck_out_tongue:

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