Eh guys,is this a real interview?

Idk,but seems legit for me

PD:please Nelson dont ban me if this shouldn’t have been shared(just saying :sweat_smile:)


Yeah, that sounds like Nelson’s voice to me.

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You have your answer at the beggining of the video… yes it is Nelson. Not the first time he participates to an interview, you can find several.

Always a pleasure to hear him give direct feedback to community members, especially after devlogs !


Hol up
Wai a minute
Lemme dial a detective for this shit

oh good,now i can have mental peace because i wont be banned…hopefully

Hello, I am Nelson.

no, it’s his body double with the same voice

It’s very hard to get banned in the first place, you wouldn’t get banned for something like this.

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yeah he does interviews sometimes

Interviews are always good to update people.

I mean, it’s a bit tiring to use old videos as reference. Months after the latest interview could mean there are already reconsiderations with a lot of things.


like the old interview with MLBB where he said he would never add tanks, helicopters, and planes

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Idk why but I thought this was major League Baseball


Is he saying the game might release in the summer? Im not complaining but thats in a few months

It’s better than a few years

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Im not saying its a long wait. Completely opposite. Im surprised how early hes saying it might come out.

I like how Youtubers I’ve never even heard of before are the ones getting Interviews, like ZoomB and… whoever this guy is.

Can someone watch the video for us, and summarize it into a comment?

Guys asking a bunch of similar questions to other people, just rephrased differently, and with a few of their own questions added as well.

You know you don’t need to be a ‘‘known’’ youtuber in order to ask Nelson for an interview right ?

@SDGNelson @Oyamat Lets do an interview