Elements of nature


Ce qui serait bien ç’est que Nelson Sexton rajoute de l’orage et la tempête de vent des éclairs et de la foudre. Pour les éclairs il tapeurè 1 sur tous les 10 nuit 4 a 7 foix au pife sue la carte les éclairs poura enlevé 90% des HP et 55% de des HP des véhicule. Pour l’orage il y aura de l’orage tous les 7 nuit de 17H00 le soire juste a 05H00 du matin. Et donque pour finire il y aurait donque des tempête de vent. A vous de me dire dans les commentaire se que vous penser de quoi
désolé pour mon anglais je suis dyslexique

What would be nice is that Nelson Sexton adds storm and windstorm lightning and lightning. For the lightning it tapped 1 on every 10 night 4 to 7 foix to the card on the card the lightning for removed 90% of the HP and 55% of the HP of the vehicle. For the thunderstorm there will be a thunderstorm every night from 5 pm to 5 pm in the morning. And finally, there would be a windstorm. To you to tell me in the commentaries what you think of what
sorry for my english I’m dyslexic


While the idea of the lightning is indeed interesting and would encourage staying indoors during a storm, it might also be an overkill. Getting struck out of nowhere by a lightning and then dying or losing your vehicle because of it could easily become a salt mine.


These all pretty much mean “Thunderstorm”

5 am I think you mean, also this really doesn’t make sense in terms of weather. (Using Pineridge as an example), only 26 days of the year usually have big thunderstorms, so having a thunderstorm EVERY night seems a little unrealistic


Well a storm every 26 days wouldnt be enough i think there should be a storm once a week depending on the station


Maybe a sandstorm also


Is this Zero 2.0 ?


Does God have a schedule for thunderstorms that we’re not aware of? :thinking:


just cause 4


Yes once a week good idea. The idea of ​​Elements of nature is for the 4.0 Unturned II and yes a sandstorm in the desert and in the mountains a snowstorm with the are going with it.


Cool, would like to see some weather implemented. Not sure about the specifics of the amount of health being lost and such, but more features are always appreciated.

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