can be placed in the place of a roof tile, works like a vehicle except players can stand up in it (people can select if the want to go up a level or down a level, and players can jump out when they reach a level. They would be powered by a generator and would be crafted by 5 metal sheets+1 metal door+4 metal scrap+1 chemical+2 rope=elevator. To prevent abuse, the elevator will automatically move one level up if it’s stopped in between 2 floors in order to let players out.

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iirc this isn’t easily possible in Unturned 3 anymore.


Even though this is hard to do in 3.x, i’ll just state the flaws of your idea.

"Can be placed on a roof tile"
what was to happen if we later salvaged the roof tile?

"Would be powered by a generator"
Honestly, unturned already has so much meaningless things which are questionably powered by generators, lets not make elevators a part of them too eh?

"To prevent abuse…let players out"
I personally think stopping the elevator in b/w 2 floors is a good idea, gives me dem resident evil feels…

However, no point in taking out the flaws when this shouldn’t be a thing, atleast something that we can make, finding working elevators in buildings placed via editor could be a thing, but that too in 4.x

They said placed in place of.


why wouldn’t it be powered by a generator? XD
also, I added the anti-abuse part for if the person who’s controlling the elevator goes AFK or logs out.

if you meant the type of elevator which manually goes up and down by pulling the rope thats brilliant, exactly what i was thinking however i would prefer it was only to be found in buildings not something u could build

I was thinking more along the lines of a generator powered elevator, however, I think the manual elevator is a better idea, and maybe the electric one would be found in skyscrapers and other buildings with elevator shafts in them.

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