Elver should be permanent

Elver is easily one of the greatest showcases of what Unturned map makers are capable of. Elver is of a quality that goes above and beyond most official maps and is enjoyable for a variety of play styles.

This is what the curated system was made for and because of Elver’s superb quality I think it should be a permanent map as an example of what people can do with the system and to show what Unturned is really capable of from a gameplay and aesthetic standpoint.


pixel art is p cool too


Let’s kidnap Nelson


It would be wrong to let this map just go away.


yes indeed its worthy of that.


I think it should be kept for a long time like hawaii and greece


Maybe to make it permanent the auto-sub could be extended indefinitely?


I really love elver, it’s my new favourite map and objectively Unturned’s best map, but the curated system is already so inconsistent. Now is probably the time for Nelson to make up his mind on what the curations system should be forever.


this is really the only unturned map that doesn’t have roads that look like ass, keep it


yes the map was very good. a good candidate for both the best and most interesting one ever. i havent come very far yet on the quests and stuff, mostly ive just cheated by exploring with shift f1 free view. i went through everything in the mall and military outpost just because they had so much stuff in them. and holy crap theres so many details and references to all kinds of memes everywhere. this map really is what curated maps should be like in this day and age. the concept of making maps completely based on “realistic geographical locations” definitely works, but maybe less so in 2020 than 2016. like, who wouldnt get excited for easter island if one saw it on the workshop 4 years ago?

no, just kidding belgium and ireland are the best maps. especially belgium


I’m back after a break from the forums.

Anyways. I like the farming from Elver. Like holy fuck, Melons are especially great. Max agriculture and you can get a town up and going in multiplayer survival.

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belgium ebr :belgium_ebr:


Elver shows what unturned can be and thus gets my vote for becoming permanent.


what do you mean the “curation system is so inconsistent”? like, there should be stricter rules on what you can make?

that would suck honestly. freedom of expression is good and stuff. I like seeing the unique and cool ideas that the community can come up with, and it’s good to have all these very different things in the actual game.

If anything there should be less rules in place for curated content. I think having a bunch of new high-quality things every once in a while is what keeps the game interesting.

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At that point why make it sub only…

having it be a workshop item has the huge advantage of allowing the map creator to push an update for their map without forcing a game update


Bruh just wait till Friday

It’s not that long

oh yeah haha how could i forget unturned updates come out weekly on every single friday


ah don’t be pissy lad, carx drift racing devs push out a 2 gig update every other day or so, gta devs literally pushed out a 20 gig patch on steam before the epic deal thing, I’m sure unturned players can handle a few mb patch every week