Emergency armor

What if at police stations you could find small packs of emergency armor. You pick it up and it would last for about 15 - 20 5.56 shots as a ln estimation. I personnaly whould love to see this in a lot more games.

If i understood it right, then it wouldn’t be different than “normal” armor.
Of course there should be more types of armor, maybe a few tiers too, but in this concept “emergency armor” isn’t special in any way.

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Thats not exactly what i meant, i was thinking along the lines of’ if youre armor breaks you can equip this just for some time to get to cover it could be crafted with two metal plates three cloth and two duct tape. And requires engineer, or as i said, it could be rarely found in police or military locations.

honestly this doesn’t even make sense


How about no

what if for amor if your’e amour break then kil theplayer and remove the skin for fix the he more armour and the us e ductape the metalc loth plate the skin onto the amrour for more amrmor


Wonder why barely any game feature such thing…

I mean sure, sounds ‘useful’ as described in your scenario but it’s not the case, like you would be dead if you’re trying to equip this in the middle of a gun fight just to protect you when looking for cover. You don’t have time to play dress-up.

Wouldn’t it be better if the whole idea is just a design for a craftable metal vest? Minus being found in police/military places, but more craftable items would be good


That could work too, thank you.

Honestly didnt expect that negative of replies but any feedback is good feedback

That genuinly hurt to read, i have a headache now

please go back to the adoption center

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So literally just normal ceramic armor

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