Encourage First Person shooter

In unturned, many people use 3rd person view in close range PVP. It has been unintentionally used (possibly) to peek around the corner without getting shot. There is already poll and the majority of voters prefer to use 3rd person view, however, they cannot see the ppl.

I know that first-person view show reticle, which is needed for skill to shoot accurately, but third person view may be more convenient and more accurate in some or most gun in unturned. So i would like third person shooting to be irrelevant in short-mid range to mid range shooting

  • Improve first person view shooting accuracy while discouraging ppl to use 3rd person view shooting of its terrible accuracy
  • Both first and third person view to have similar accuracy.

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In order to keep 3rd person in the game, it must be fixed first. Accuracy and any gunplay related features (except for scopes, maybe) shouldn’t change at all when changing from 1st to 3rd person and viceversa, since all that’s changing is just the perspective.

That’s why I won’t keep arguing if 3rd person must stay or be gone. My opinion is finale: if it’s as OP and wacky as in 3.x, then remove.


Too busted, would take far too much effort to fix for the small reward of looking at your character.

Honestly 3rd person should really not be a thing, it takes out a lot of the skill gap

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Yea remove 3rd person it’s kinda broken how you can peak around corners and see people without seeing you. Plus it kinda ruins the emersion for me.

can we all shut the fuck up about third person
everybody please, it will be fixed in ll

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ok but we just have to be sure that it wont be a problem, its a big deal you know

I still don’t think third person should even return in II. Regardless of what it does to accuracy, it still allows you to gain an advantage you otherwise shouldn’t be able to, mainly through peeking corners.

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It could be as it is now that you can chose if your server is only fpp or tpp, but then most will use tpp for their servers so i think it should not be included in 4.0

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