Enemies UII needs

Disclaimer: Community section because this is a shitpost, not an actual suggestion.

3.0 wasn’t challenging enough, we need to fix that the american way, artificially!

Hitscanningdickwad_1 Dickwad_2

With hitscanning dickwads, best supported by unkillable archviles! launches into plutonia flashbacks


These guys too, isn’t it great they’re supposed to be back for halo infinite?

and these, just for good measure

and don’t forget the controllers! bad hit detection and all

On second thought, lets just have the entirety of xen in unturned II

Remenber these guys? hope you like 'nades!

And finally, to keep the squeakers out, ideally Unturned II should have a learning curve something like eve online


anything to get rid of the squeakers


im not laughing

Who said you were supposed to?

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The Plutonia Experiment gives me nightmares.

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lol was it the archvile maze? that was the first gamer moment I ever had

you flaired this post as “memes” so you obviously did expect people to laugh :grinning:

Did I stutter?

You’d better believe it was the archvile maze… what kind of sick developer would do such a thing. lmao

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I have a suspicion it was a guy called Dario Casali, he worked on plutonia and half-life, therefore, it’s possible he is responsible for both the archvile maze AND xen

tf are you talking about

idk, I saw an opportunity to use the line, a shitty opportunity, but an opportunity nonetheless

there was a game called final doom that included 2 new dev-made campaigns, tnt evilution, and the plutonia experiment. Plutonia was notoriously cruel in it’s level design. That’s all i’ll say, ya wanna know more, go play the game

(both responses because i’m not sure what ur asking about, lol the irony)

Nelson should also add Liebermode, which should be the easiest mode in the game. In this mode there’s no guns, the zombies are super easy to kill, and the boss zombie looks like Senator Joe Lieberman. Am I making a Postal 2 reference, yes. Is this a serious proposal, no.


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