Energy Drinks

Ok so how would energy drinks work in 4.0

  1. There is a bar like pubg has where more energy drinks you consume health goes us and increase in speed while running.(still can’t run forever)

  2. Energy bar in 3.0 more drinks consume the longer it takes for it to go down.

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Drinks should make you run slightly faster and regen stamina faster. (craft faster? read faster?) It should also stack with diminishing returns, maybe there could even be negative effects like shakiness when ADSing if you have too many. Not much else is needed honestly, they should mainly just be drinks that are worse than water in terms of hydration but give you small buffs.

Will steal this idea and expand upon it in a post of my own, that’s after I finish my Medicine v2 post of course.

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Cool have fun

No, this isn’t a BR game. Energy drinks don’t magically improve your manueuverability. Especially not instantaneously.

This sentence is half broken English. I have no clue what you’re trying to say here.

Overall, energy drinks and other related consumables should really just result in a very high caloric input. That’s what they are at the most quintessential survival level. Calories, lots of calories. As for energy drinks, they should cause slightly faster dehydration due to the concentration gradient involved in the homeostatic processes that increase the body’s water loss, but that’s slightly too advanced for this comment and will have to wait for when I make a post about proper metabolism.

Huh ok then don’t know how that sentence became like that. What I meant to say wuz there is an energy bar, if you consume energy drinks that bar goes up. When the bar goes up you can run faster and do things faster.
I should look back at things after I type them

Personally I prefer it granting a temporary buff that either causes minor boost in stamina regeneration speed or passive energy regen all the time.


  • ‘Energized’ - Boost maximum stamina by 20% for 60 secs. Boost stamina regen by 20% for 60 secs.
    • Does not stack with same or similar effects

Same goes with energy bar (Weaker effect) and adrenaline syringe (Stronger effect). Mechanic could work similarly to other consumables such as morphine (Pain resistance?) and splint (Bone heal rate?).

I think any type of sugary drinks and bars should acts the similiar way imo.

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