Enhanced Editor


It would be cool to have a simple editor that runs well and is easy to use. It would also be cool if there was like a peer to peer edition where you can build a map together with someone in real time. Just a suggestion.


We aren’t getting a editor for 4.0 instead we’ll just use Unreal.

Oh also, peer editor would be near impossible to make and break all the time.


I’m sure a simple editor would be modded in at some point, though it likely won’t be in the game by default. I personally see this as a good idea considering the unholy amount of poorly made maps on the workshop and, likely, clogging up Nelson’s emails.


Peer-to-peer editing, if added, would just be a shitty gimmick that maybe only two maps would be made using, and they’d probably just be “UNTURNED BETA SURVIVAL ISLAND MOUNTAIN DESERT SHIPWRECK RP”



10 flippin chars

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How will that work? If we’re not getting an editor how will we use unreal to make maps? I don’t quite understand.

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I think Unreal has an editor for making maps, or something like that

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ah, right, I see. Thanks for clearing it up.

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