Enviromental Guns

Now heres the story of why i want this…im making my map as i place hmg’s on wacthtowers at the military base and i think to myself “wouldnt it be so much cooler if i could actually use theese?” so my plan is basically to have a hmg on some sort of pole that you would rotate around like a normal turret and for keeping them nice and un op they would spawn without ammo or without a box, maybye randomize bewtween both?

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It’s a cool PvP idea, but 4.0 is more survival oriented as everyone keeps saying.
This idea belongs in 3.0 and not 4.0 as the ability for a gun to just spawn on towers is pretty ‘OP’ considering people would base up around the gun and use it as a defense system.


Why do people act as if PvP is not going to exist in 4.0? It will, and it will still be prominent. PvP is a part of survival.


PvP may be a part of survival but it’s not a focus. There’s a difference between the game being focused on a type of gameplay and having an aspect of that gameplay.
4.0 will inlcude PvP as an aspect but not not as the core gameplay.
Having mounted turrets that are capable of mowing down players is too PvP centered, but let’s imagine they were put into 4.0, they would probably be a fast firerate with abysmal damage meant to counter zombies in a way.


the reason I put it in 4.0 is because in 3.0 it just doesnt work at all, i tried making a mod with other more experienced modders before I posted this. also it woulnt “spawn” my idea was have it placed anywhere the person making the map wanted it, for the op part i already said that it could spawn withough a box and we all nowthat hmg boxes are pretty rare to find.

Athens Arena would disagree. Vehicles have supported turrets for a while, and vehicles do not require being able to actually function; thus, you can technically create immobile turrets.

You can totally do it in Unturned 3, even if the set-up would be a bit wonky. However, I don’t think this necessarily fits into Unturned 3 to begin with, and I don’t think any of the maps are adequately designed for such a thing, so its wonkiness would be excusable to me personally.

Not even Athens arena?

Post is in the context of official survival maps, I’d assume.

My two cents.

They spawn in defensive positions (large amounts of zombies nearby), have ammo, massive spray, vary low damage, 200+ max ammo, loud, massive recoil/shake, can be disabled through damage, and position is open to gunfire.

Make it nearly useless just suppressive for pvp, and pve just really fun to use and ditch.

Someone uses it, ditches it, and it’s never used again because it uses ammo, it doesn’t move, it deals low damage, and is usable by any player. It also can’t effectively be used for suppressive purposes because the HMG doesn’t move, which means the player your targeting just needs to peak you for a split second and get a nice line up on your head. Since you can’t move this allows them to land a guaranteed kill. This causes the HMG to be a burden rather than a beneficial weapon.

I agree that it might be to OP, maybe make tyem spawn (unplaced, just spawned like a normal item, like how spotlights do) in some sort of infestation zones, supa dangerous ones, and then for them to operate they’d need a generator and wont be able to turn for mor then 100ish degrees or so, allowing the possibility of being attacked from behind or sneak attacked.

If you’re still trying to make this a mod for 3.0, check Rain’s ww2 mods. He made many placable turrets using as a base for this vehicles without mobility + a turret.
Athens aslo did this as Molt said.

Sounds like my post :thinking:

I like the idea of having it be a rare item that if found and you had ammo to reload it would be usefull

Alright you pp head.

Enviromental guns. Or what normal people called “Turret” is not that OP.

Now now, hear me out first. Sure, the gun is definitely more powerful than your average yuri but you have to added in the fact that you’re immobile while using this baby. you cannot crouch, prone or moves away from the gun while using it.

(I’ll be using the HMG as an example. Yes it’s not a map’s object. But lets pretend that it is.)

HMG cannot instantly turns to 360 degrees. I think it can turned around 180? I think. And not to mention that you’re unlikely to be covered. So a sharpshooter can “easily” kill the operator. (Unless that operator has polio or something. Not really a threat tbh.) Personally I would make it more sluggish to turn or having a slower firerate?

Still, I don’t think that it should be in a regular gamemode. Rather I think it’s “somewhat” belongs in an arena.

well you know what they say about assumptions

The problem isn’t that it would be OP, the problem is that it would be too weak.
For it to be made ‘balanced’ would cause it to be too much of a cheese-it firearm that would feel overpowered sometimes and useless other times.

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people don’t know this but you can add those kinds of concepts to the game while maintaining its survival aspect it just needs to be balanced enough that you dont find these everywhere

people don’t know this yet, but one day they’ll understand the holy truth that is contained in these utterances: It’s Balanced Because It’s Rare.

In all seriousness though, with careful placement and map design, mounted machine guns could be more of a way to make a location more interesting than something that completely changes the gameplay of an entire map and throws the meta out the window.

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or this whole idea can be added but the mounted guns can be craftable, extremely expensive of course