Environment more "Realistic" and Cool!

Just many ideas about the Ambient.

  • Tall Bush,
    basically grass but really high at point of just your head stay out. Make a track while passing. (Some places had some places no)

  • Dense Forests
    Every place its full of trees turning extremaly hard drive a grand car in this places

  • Mist
    I talk about this and receive many critics about realism and (That go be very artificial not go work!)
    okay… image

Basically this, but much more intense.

  • Clouds on sky
    Clouds is this possible enter and exit from them with a airplane or helicopter the clouds move for themselfs and you had a realy bad luck if crash in a mountain because this!

  • Cityes destroyed by florests
    Is just see chernobyl how happen if a city is abandoned

    Cool dont?

  • Rule Generator
    Create a generator of trees to dont spawn trees on in same places or in places totally aleatory basically rules. This is valid for other resouces and mobs!

  • Killing machine (Hunters of KOS)
    A rule to spawn with more frequency zombies more powerfull and with less loot proxy of KOS players
    (i believe than a good way to balance this is add ELO system to turn just diverge KOS of Legitimate Defense in case if you kill your pontuation Increase and more Killing machine go focus on you)

  • Zombies more like monsters
    Why dont zombies with a type of Quinke like the anime tokyo ghoul, A zombie walking with their hands, or a “Wolf zombie”. with divergent patterns of Attack and behavior.

    Creepy dont?

  • Eyes more red for zombies more powerfull
    image A way to diverge easy to hard zombies and loot
    Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

  • Environmental Problems
    Go suppose than you are desidrated you go walk more slowly your screen start blinking and you die.
    Different ambients consumes in different conditions for example “” much cold you consume more food and much hot more water.""

  • Hostile environmental
    Drink water directly of a river or consume food of a supermarked maybe infect you.


Recategorized to a fitting category as it appeared to be related to 4.x.

Anybody who can decrypt Zero’s language?


it isnt that hard -_-

hes basically suggesting more overgrowth, in towns, roads, ect.


honestly I’d enjoy a more broken/destroyed, overgrown and neglected “post apoclayptic” vibe to it.


i cant tell if this is funny or hes being serious


i’m at an actual loss for words


When Zero wants more destruction in 4.0 but the only thing destroyed is his knowledge of the English language :thinking:


I think that some of these are already in 3.0 but I definetely agree that a nice environment is key. I think that it’s already being worked on tho.

yeah i kinda agree

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