Environments and other things

1 would be curious how to make an ambient sound which is used with fog (using 2D audio for now)
2 if it is possible to make a clothing or weapon emit sound or can only objects?
3 it is possible to modify zombie sounds and make them work on the map for everyone

This is not currently possible, sorry. I believe Nelson has previously expressed interest in making zombies more modular, but that’s not something we’re currently working on.

You’d have to clarify what you’re trying to do. For example, the PDW has a sound that plays when the item is equipped.

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It wasn’t a weapon, it was about clothes, but I see that it’s possible, as long as you’re in third person and without cosmetics, but for zombies it would work perfectly (i think)

Btw, what about the ambience sound, a guide or something give me a idea how to make it?

You can create a custom Ambience (e.g., the default ambience is the birds chirping heard on official maps), and custom sound effects that play in Ambience volumes (e.g., the cave sounds). But if there’s something more specific you’re trying to do, I’m not exactly sure what you’re inquiring about.

the one with the caves, that one is used with the fog set, which gives it that touch of terror

By the way, is it possible to make a vest that has the model of a weapon (the weapon is not usable, it is only decoration) with a strap and bounces every time the zombie moves but does not go through the vest or can it only be static?
the best example i found:

There’s some mods and curated content with items using things like cloth physics. IIRC, the Scroll Cloak cosmetic is an example of this.

Do you have any guide that you recommend to do physics? By the way, I had that cosmetic and I didn’t see the physical ones, it stayed static

same, i need it too

I doubt that anyone has created an Unturned-specific guide, so you’d have to refer to Unity documentation.

There’s also some older forum posts where modders have discussed adding physics to assets; e.g., this one for adding rigid body physics to objects: Object Rigidbody Physics (Animation post followup)

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