Equipping Cars

What if we could hold “F” on an unlocked car and it magically disappears and gets into your inventory. Takes more space than a minigun. You can craft with it, adding barbed wires and barbed fences and spikes on the wheels. Or you can salvage it to get a generator and a couple headlights that can be used to make spotlights alongside a shit ton of metal scrap

thats an actually good idea but make them be like peices of the car that all fall onto the ground and each on is respective to its size in space

clearly unrealistic, the makeshift cars take up way less room in the inventory !11

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Since this is in the memes, I’m assuming your joking, but that COULD be a good idea, but then you could literally have like 5 cars in your inventory

Vehicles should be equippable as armor, and they would also blow up just as hard

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As soon as you reach 0 health, you blow up. So melee attackers beware

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Yeah, hold on
reaches into dufflebag
Here you go
pulls out fully functional car with full fuel
Yep, that’s definitely realistic xD