Escape from Unturned v.2


Great job!

I’m honored to work with you. Wonderful job on the models and overall execution!

Thanks(10 characters)

Thanks. (10 characters)

Thanks, I custom extracted/edited some sounds from Escape From Tarkov and similar shooters, as well as getting a few from IRL sources with very good realism and fidelity. One particular gun I am proud of is the Mosin, as I helped overhaul the model vastly and also gave it a super realistic sound from a live firing. In addition Panda3d has modified a few of the vanilla sounds for certain guns.

Also, yes, I can see messages that you’ve deleted. :wink:

Well, not quite.

You see, I used specifically non-copyrighted sounds, except in the case of EFT, but given that we’re making a mod based off of EFT it makes the most sense. Mods that are based off of other games tend to get away with stealing a lot more than sounds.

Admittedly if it becomes an issue I can easily replace the sounds.

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