Escape from Unturnov is a blast to play!

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing A ton of Unturnov the last few days and have been having alot of fun. Wanted to give a heads up to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet: You really should. It’s a nice breath of fresh air! Here’s some footage of me goofing around trying to learn the ropes :smiley: Hope everyone here is having a fantastic day!!


Friend recently reccommended that I try it out. 6,000 hours, bored of the game.

Decided to play. 60% of the time I was wandering around the safezone figuring out where I buy what from, and taking the LONG journey to my ‘apartment’. The other 40% of the time was, for the majority, spent getting spawn-killed as soon as I left the safezone into the raid. My friend, @I_Tried whom plays Tarkov, absolutely hates this and thinks its garbage.

Mountains upon mountains of kids running around, killing eachother right outside the raid zone. Once a single guy with good loot dies kids will scatter around it up to 30m dying, spawning, and running right back to where they died. Its the kind of cancer that TPA and Home introduced into the game that a majority of players (or atleast me) absolutely hate.

And thank god the server I were on was non-p2w. The extremely toxic, grindy, competitive nature of this “gamemode” / mod is bound to breed p2w servers, offering ranks and kits to start out with every raid. Its only going to make it more cringy, more annoying, more unfair, and more unfun.

TL;DR spawn, get spawnkilled, run back, repeat. Thats all this really was - unless the server is very sparse/empty.

i was playing on some full servers and didn’t have the issue myself - granted i did hear from many people that this was an issue. I think the mod is still young, has alot of potential, and a pretty good crew behind it. I certainly wouldn’t compare it to Tarkov, but that’s a minimum 40$ buy in, vs a free mod, on a free game, with devs that are just working cuz they love what they do. Given some more time/updates I expect this mod to be extremely solid personally. To each their own though right. If it’s not your cup of tea I’m certainly not gonna try to force you to drink it lol. Thanks for the feedback and opinions man! :smiley:


I absolutely love Escape From Tarkov, but have neither the specs nor the willingness to spend the $40 for it, though I follow its development very closely and watch it a lot.

While EFU is likely somewhat flawed due to the limitations of U3 and other factors, I’d imagine it being very fun for a lot of people simply because of how accessible it is. That being said, like a lot of mods and community gamemodes I’d imagine a good chunk of the enjoyability coming down to the server itself.

I think if there was a way for true random spawns to limit spawn-killing mayhem, it would be much better and I’d probably spend more time to enjoy the map and mod. But I understand such a thing, or, atleast a smarter spawning system is not possible due to limitations.

So you kill people get loot and store that loot? I’m going to check it out it sounds fun

yep, it’ll fix that itch to excessively hoard items lol

Hey gang, I Tried here(Rains friend). Id like to start by saying that I have a couple 100 hours in Escape from Tarkov, and while I cannot deny that Escape from Unturnov is one of the coolest unturned mods I have seen in the unturned community, it does not perform like Escape from Tarkov at all, the map spawns need to be reworked, adding a large amount of spawns (not just 3) to the maps, which will combat the spawn camping, having some way to check you weapons fire mode, as currently the only way to check is memory or firing into the air, and my god, please unlock more maps, I understand that the idea of it is to unlock more maps with quests, but currently all the map system does is force everybody new to enter the starter maps, which in turn creates a giant clusterf*ck of spawn camping and nakeds rushing loot piles.

I would also like to add that I may be missing some stuff about the mod, positive or negative, due to the fact that our 3 man who all have thousands of hours combined, could not get out of the spawn zone to explore simply due to the camping.

True random spawns would not work well unless the “random spawning” had actual spawn zones, its never fun to have a random spawn on a rooftop, or having a random Usec gang spawn in behind you and mow you down(That happens in Tarkov a lot with late spawning, which I dont think you can really combat in unturned, maybe add a clear spawn indication so a player knows when hes wandering close to a spawn zone.)

I played it a while back and it was a real blast :)) Props to the mod makers for putting in so much effort, because it paid off. Not something I could put more than 20 or so hours in though.

I agree. I really enjoyed playing this and doing the quests. Although once I reached I the top and got heaps of experience, it kinda is got boring. The server I played on did a wipe but I really couldn’t be bothered grinding up again. Was fun until you reach the top and play with all the guns and complete most to all the quests

i agree with that Gummi - I really enjoyed Tales of Terror and Escape from Unturnov but they both suffer from the same issue: Reverse difficulty curve. As i get better, and get access to better weapons the game should get harder with me. Instead this reverses and the game get’s easier as you go. I still find it super enjoyable though. And I think an important thing to keep in mind is how young Unturnov is. Still lots of room for good updates and the devs can only work so fast :smiley: I’m optimistic still that most of the little kinks will be worked out.

it’s good because it uses my russian clothing mod.

On a more serious note I’m happy that somebody finally took the time to make a large and cohesive EFT-like modpack, which is a niche that has never been done well, as previous attempts of most servers were just piling military mods.


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