[EVENT] The closing of 100 replies topic

as you know, the “Get this topic to 100 replies” is closing. So, optionally, you can show up for the closing on monday. in respect, we’ll spam the topic with images and comments.


That topic was a monster in itself.


how dare you offend such an old and brilliant topic

like this? image


Remember when getting 100 replies on a topic was a hard thing to do?

wait cant you get the “read a topic with 100 comments” anymore?

why are you asking me

Cause you somehow found this post from 11 months ago xD

Getting a badge is unrelated to me necro’ing a thread about an ancient topic being closed.

now all you have to do is say something about another community member or mention a topic that is a point of contention and just hope the mods dont close it when the fighting starts. Of course thats just short term attention, when people do post some proper good content you get all the replys without the topic shutdown - which is pretty common now with the fourm slowly growing.
Seeing old posts like this really does just showcase how the community grows overtime.

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how is this post still alive?

did you read anything from this post at all

i still don’t have that reader badge to this day lmfao

also apparently that old reply of mine has 3 likes even though the image is a repost, what

Ah yes, time to get this thread to 100 replies. Let’s go boys.

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