Every Month Something Special Hapens *Nudge Nelson*


Dare I say it…
Hearing all the Nelson pp suckers screaming no

“Aye yo Nelson, where the develo…” FBI snipes me

But fr where it at


you’re literally complaining yourself


Complains about me complaining you autoost



For every devlog request that is posted, Nelson will delay it by another week


Quotes that contain the previous post are automatically removed? I didn’t realize this.




Jesus I was just making a point xD He had been consistent every month stop being little complainers



Stop complaining about our complaining about your complaining.


At least I didn’t ask for it in the month of february. To be fair he has been consistent to posting a devlog at the beginning of a month so why should I be blamed for anticipating the obvious.


I thought I was joking around

ok this thread sucks now.


So Yarrr those democrats am I right?


just fucking close it

and then archive it.

and then delete it.


Yeah I think I would consider this spam.

closed #17

archived #18