Everyone preparing before heading out

Nothing unusual or weird, just everyone preparing to go out.

Haven’t done renders in awhile, it’s an on-and-off habit for me. I upped my game a bit by adding lighting but soon I’ll try to make physical objects when I’m not this lazy. Tips & opinions are appreciated.

This is also somewhat a teaser of the theme that the final update of the Refined Pistols & SMGs Mod would be, which I’ll be working on until it’s released. Onwards, I am opening commissions so you guys can finally ask what I can make for you & I’ll listen, for real.

So yeah, that’s it. Thanks for sticking around if you actually read these.


why are her tits so big


Trust me, but Ayanna isn’t the bustiest female I’ve made.


can you send the bustiest to my DMs mate

edit: payload received



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you need jesus…you horny fuck

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Y’all be worried about bust sizes while I’m sitting here wondering why this guy is tossing his gun across the room.


Simple minds, simple desires. We get it that you’re different than the rest of us.

The gun is most likely being passed to someone else in a potentially very unsafe manner.

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Turkler, please no… What ever you’re thinking, don’t do it.

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get the fucking jar

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