Expand durability options

Idea would take the has_durability option and expand it into multiple so you can enable durability for only armour / weapons(ranged) / attachments / tools(melee) / consumables.
This way server owners could custimize more so the incoming players that perhaps dont like guns and armour breaking can still have the extra difficulty from tools and food having it, or vice versa. An extra change could be per type of item durability multiplier so you could have gun durability, but would only need to repair it every 10 fights instead of every fight.


a per-item “has durability” option would be goated too, as a map maker i’d love to utulise the feature where items break at 0% without them having infinite durability on easy mode (cuz like suppressors already lose durability on easy so it shouldnt be too hard to add ??)


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