Expanded Zombie Customization

i dropped most of this suggestion in an email already but since then i have come up with more related to the suggestion, didn’t feel like dropping another email about it and figured it would be best to see if others had reasonable additions to it

long and short of this is that more options for zombie types in the level editor would be immensely helpful. to clarify, i mean being able to customize PER type/individual table, not as a global setting like in difficulty GUIDs or per nav meshes. any new features in the suggestion (like movement speed) that are not already apart of GUIDs however should be allowed in difficulty GUID configs.

  • specific variants
    would be great to be able to specify for each table what variants spawn. examples: 100% crawler 0% everything else, 50/50 chance of runner or spitter, or 100% only regular zombie

  • chance of variants spawning
    be able to per table do chances just like you can in current configs for what the spawn chance of a variant is

  • mega zombie customization
    be able to specify which boss type a mega zombie is (ideally with same logic as above, so it could be a chance to be whatever bosses you specify or just one specific boss type)

  • possibly unrealistic things to ask
    maybe a bit out there but would be really nice for all the config options not already mentioned for zombies to be available per table (loot chance, drop min/max, respawn time, armor multiplier, etc)
    expanded stats
    per table movement speed, if they are affected by stun or not
    hit effects
    what effects are applied when this zombie hits a player (bleed, broken bone, hallucination, possibly etc)

anyway if anyone else has ideas drop em but just keep in mind what’s reasonably possible and what isn’t for nelson to implement, i know some of what i’ve already suggested here is time consuming in nature to implement


i mean honestly if the existing difficulty guids were just also made a thing on tables that would really just go a long way

This is already an option? Unless I’m misreading the post, idk if table is meant to refer to zombie types on the map.


Tables does refer to zombie types on the map. Per-table options would allow greater fine tuning of zombie types over the more global in nature difficulty GUIDs.

So basically it’s mostly not adding new features, just adding new ways to use them that are more flexible.

edited for a bit more clarity


Difficulty guids can be specified per table


oops. well this certainly helps