Experience abuse

I discovered that for healing any other player you get experience, a lot of experience
Could you please make any server creator have the ability to disable or enable this feature in config.json , examples: “experience_from_healing: true/false” or “experience_from_healing: 1.0”
I already wrote moltonmontro about this by e-mail (sorry, I just didn’t know where to write), well, he answered me that I can change this using the plugin, he is right, but if you make this function disabled / enabled in the config.json this will help those servers that do not know where to buy / order a plugin with such functionality, or basically do not use plugins on their servers (full / default vanilla), I think it’s no secret that not everyone knows how to write plugins themselves
Since config.json already allows you to adjust the amount of experience that zombies give, the amount of experience that players receive, the ability to enable or disable experience for providing medical assistance will be very useful in config.json
The fact is that on my server you can buy kits and vehicles for experience, I also know a lot of servers, rp and vanilla, where experience is used as a universal currency, so it will be possible to remove the ability to receive balance dishonestly
I have attached a video of what it looks like.

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You can get exp. in a bunch of different ways(e.g., killing zombies and chopping trees.) It’s not really a game changer for any server and if it is, they can easily fix it by requiring more exp. for their kits or items in shop.

Using the method I have indicated, players can stand still somewhere in their house, endlessly gain experience, while not leaving anywhere and without risking anything
Taking into account the fact that many servers have kits with medicines
Since the config allows you to configure all other sources of experience, then the experience for providing medical assistance should be able to be turned on or off

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Kits only give you a certain amount of meds and with their cooldown, it’s probably not worth it. While it would make sense for it to be in the config, it’s not a necessity.
I’ve played RP in the past and I’ve always known about this exp farming method and it’s just not verry efficient.

If the group of players is large, then it will not be difficult for them to endlessly prescribe starting kits, even with the weakest medicines, and earn experience with them. You can watch the video that I attached, you can see how in a minute I get a huge amount of experience. Keep in mind that I showed it on the video, that is, as detailed as possible, in a real game it happens many times faster

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