Experimental Cybernetics

Im entirely unsure as to the chronological setting of Unturned II, however i would like to get the suggestion in likewise.

I feel as if adding to the depth of the game with more than loot, with cybernetic enhancements, would provide an extra level of depth to the game with giving players the ability to install bionic enhancements to their bodies.

Could be relatively simple augments, sub-dermal armor that would say; lessen the bleeding effects from slashing, scratching and stabbing. All the way up to absurd but “high end” augments such as inbuilt vision enhancements such as night vision or a variable zoom. Installing these augments would also perhaps be a risky and complicated endeavor, requiring other players to have incredibly high medical skill as well as resources such as anesthetics and surgical equipment. Or alternatively for solo players, an autonomous robotic surgery device.

I gave a few examples as to possibilities for augmentations, however its quite open ended as to the possibilities for augmentations.

All of this is quite “futuristic” in its theme, however i feel as if it maybe quite an interesting thought as to adding some end-game depth to the game.

Thoughts and criticism are always welcome.


Imo, body augmentations are way to futuristic for the scope of the game, this is (literally) some cyberpunk type stuff, and we wont be seeing serious body augmentations to everyday people for at least a few decades, if not longer.



Cybernetics definitely goes too far.

Some things to consider as well from a gameplay perspective:

Night vision/zoom in eyes would be much harder to notice on a player, and gear that provides bonuses like that needs to have some sort of visual presence so an opposing player can get a read on them. Clothing would cover up things on the body as well, and make those upgrades not obvious either.

What happens when you die? Do these cybernetics just pop out of you and fall to the ground?


I almost feel as if this thread is inspired in part by Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, a survival game which quite similarly has bionics, cybernetics, and other sci-fi elements available for the player to utilize. However, C:DDA is also significantly more fictional than the Unturned series, featuring everything from Lovecraftian creatures to interdimensional technology. One could argue UII is also making the jump (especially considering things such as the Excursion concept) but I greatly doubt it would be as extreme.

Cybernetics in Unturned II especially would be incredibly difficult to balance without being either game-breakingly overpowered or not useful enough to warrant the risk/cost/effort of getting one. This, coupled with UII’s supposedly more survival-centric focus, is a hard sell for me, and I’d have to agree with the others here in saying that this suggestion feels too out of place to be a feasible addition to the vanilla game.

However, I could 100% see something like this being achievable via modding, especially with how the stat multiplier system will function and how modularly all components of the game are being designed.


I don’t hate the idea, but I don’t believe it belongs in Unturned’s world. I know Unturned delves into some crazy sci-fi with pirate alien zombies, soul crystals, and teleporters which I like but I think cybernetics may be to far. I like the fantasy to stay kinda supernatural and away from the player. Like having mobs and objects being the sci-fi aspect.

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I love how the suggestions are slowly making this game into rimworld


what about not this

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I am perfectly fine with that