Exploits and vulnerabilities

So, this is just I small topic to report some exploits and vulnerabilities that I’ve found. Some of the listed exploits can cause serious damages, so I will not be reporting how the exploit works.
And so the list starts…
First off, using a plugin, you can rapidly increase a player’s stats such as kills, deaths, fishes caught, and other trackable statistics.
Next, we have the possibility to use a connecting client as a bitcoin miner. I have found a way to coinhive mine off people connecting to the server via carefully crafted packets. (Nothing can really be done here, it works for any client connecting to any servers or services)
After that, I found some vulnerability to hacking servers. It’s sort of dodgy this one, and hard to explain, but in short, you can hack a remote server using simple meter sessions, and gain remote access. From there, you can really start messing people up.

-Please note, I’m only reporting these issues, Ill add anything more that I find. I do not condone the usage of any exploits or cheats, nor will I be held liable if anyone looks into using and exploiting these issues.

I posted this here because I did not see a topic or forum about bugs, issues, or exploits. If there is one, or I’m just stupid, let me know, and I’ll re post this topic in the appropriate area. Thanks for reading.

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I think the Steam forums have a category for this kind of stuff.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to repost this topic there.