Extensive Medical System?

Do you guys think an extensive medical system would be good for U4 ? I thought about it for a while now and im not sure. Should it have a simple system like in U3 or should it be taken to another level ?

Things that i have in mind:
Blood Transfusions with Bloodtype compatibility
Unconciousness that can be treated with epinephrine
Bleed effects vary depending on the body part and can stack the more you got shot
Diseases that will be treated with Antibiotics and Vitamins / Naturally crafted medicine
Broken limbs that will heal over time which can be sped up with splints
Morphine that can be injected to run for a small amount of time if your leg was broken in a firefight
Shock damage dealt by gunshots,low blood,inftected damage etc. which can knock you unconcious
Scope/sight swerve being more extreme while out of stamina, injured/with a broken arm
Uncooked food can make you give the diseases mentioned earlier but can also make you throw up
The character making pain moans when injured badly (painkillers will help rather than heal like in U3)
Hypothermia that can kill you over time (more extensive than your Yukon experience)
Diseases like the common cold etc. can spread through coughing or giving infected food to others
Health stat will effect your characters speed and idle effect
Your screen will fade grey like in 3.0 but this time U4 would have a blood stat which effects the greyness effect

What do you guys think ? Too much ? Too less ? xD


It has to be as Realistic as in EFT or something like that.

There should be a 5% chance of a server-wide pandemic happening and then you have to find out the recipe for the vaccine and then pay for healthcare by giving them all your items (this could be how servers could wipe)


This is way too complex for a game like Unturned . All I would change from 3.0 would be to make healing a lengthier process .


Better stock up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


Implying the medical system in EFT si realsitic.
hell, Arma 3s ACRE advanced medical is more realistic than that, easily so.

Eh, sorta agree

Strongly disagree

head transplants in 4.0


Arma III’s ICE system would be fun to see play out in a game like Unturned, if not a watered-down version of it.

Maybe we should add morphine addiction as well. It would be interesting to manage your medical supplies even better, since if you use morphine extremly often, you might be forced to take them when you’re not injured, just to get rid of the withdrawal symptoms.

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something something ‘‘project zomboid already did this pretty will, why not copy it?’’

screw extensive medical system. i want to drink the heal juice. don’t crush my dreams. please.

An another idea: maybe some basic illnesses such as the flu and pneumonia. Or even depression, and other common mental illnesses that could arise from this sudden change of living. While I don’t want it to be extremly punishing, but I think that it would be interesting to handle it.

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I think blood types and perhaps “shock damage” is over the top, but everything else seems good to me.

Let’s remember that ArmA 3’s ACE system is already plenty complex. We should try to keep it simple, straightforward, and intuitive.
Shock, Wound, and Limb Damage.
Blood is important. Try to keep it inside the body pls. When shot, you will lose X blood which will be modified by the bullet. AP will cause less, HP more. You then begin bleeding out. Eventually, it will stop unless it is too severe. You can stop bleeding immediately with bandages and quikclot or the like. As your BP drops, you begin to go into shock.
Wound is straightforward. Being shot is bad. Hole in body needs fixing. But also, they can disable legs, arms, etc. It’s like Tarkov. Heart injuries will not kill right then, but put you on the clock for around 10s. You can get killed by your armor too;

  • One officer once was effectively stabbed to death by his kevlar armour being struck by a 45-70 round, which “penciled” around 100mm.
  • However, another officer survived 131mm of blunt impact through his armor.
    We can then conclude that armor would be having some stats like:
    Hardness Resistance, Sharpness Resistance, Velocity Resistance, and Impact Reduction.
    Arms and Legs are important. Tarkov players will be PTSD from blacked legs, AGAIN. Naturally, if your limbs get damaged, your combat performance is affected. So put on armor to stop or mitigate damage. First aid and the like will only do so much though, you need professional help after field first aid.

Beyond this, I suppose overdoing would be good. Encourage players to not spam painkillers to be unable to feel pain.

edit: crap, I just realized this was a necro.

The advanced version is more or less as far as you’d need to go for realism.

That would be simulating armour as hard phyics objetcs (which I am all for mind you).

You could simulate the impact of painkillers on the circulatory system (i.e. lower blood pressure) to prevent spamming. You know, kind of like ACE medical does.

Fair points all around. Also, possibly offtopic, but is NuACE unhecced yet? Last I saw, it was screwed over and glitchier than F76.
Also, you want some sources on the armor crap? I have the reports and stuff…