Extracting Vannila assets from the game

I am trying to make a blender animation But i am having trouble finding them,
also Can import my character to blender?

The only vanilla assets we have officially made publicly available can be found in the ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Unturned\Extras\Sources directory. This includes the example assets commonly used by modders, including the character/animation rig.

in addition to what MoltonMonto said, you can also get some extra files from the
unity-2017 -Achieved compatibility version version, though the file path is this instead Unturned\Bundles\Sources
Though if you ever get into modding I suggest being careful with this version as a lot of this stuff is out of date, just use the modern sources if you can.

the official discord " Unturned " also has lots of community members that would be able to assist with this in the modding channel if you only need a few models

i already opened a post on modding support part but nobody saw it i think
I am not into modding i am just trying to do a short animation on blender
also i dont need lots of models just a few like some cosmetics and some furniture

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