Face reaction

How about the reaction to different things?
. when he is shot or receives damage, he looks scared (you know that face with his mouth open)
.When he dies he puts the smile on Nelson’s face but at the revex with two X (yes my english is bad i used google)

No, this will just be unnecessary and/or weird, plus faces will probably be similar to how they are in 3.0, a part of character customization.

In 3.X you can change what face your character is making by holding C

Yes, but your character’s face doesn’t automatically react to stuff

I don’t think it’s practical unless your watching someone bc you can’t see your own face in action.


Just no.

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I don’t really see a problem with this idea, it wouldn’t be super difficult to implement, it isn’t really necessary, but character customization doesn’t really impact gameplay either.


I believe a simpler suggestion would work like having your character’s quinch when getting shot. Other than that, I see nothing else

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I think the permanent facial expressions are the only thing that keeps the game’s humor alive.


It’s probably one of the main goofy things of Unturned, up there with umbrellas and the cartoony hit sounds

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