Facial expressions

devide 3.0 face circle into seperate ones for eyes and mouth

Seems unnecessary TBH, no telling what character customization will be like in 4.X, and this could just be done in 3.X

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Nelson allowed for facial expressions to be changed in-game. Having individual changes to mouth and eyes will disable the in-game customization becase there’s gonna be too many things to click. So either an unchangable face at the menu, or keep it as it is

I’m not sure you understand how character design works in general

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Would like to be able to differentiate eye color if that will be possible so say, one blue eyes, the other red ect. Would only work with the glowing eyes tho?

Maybe eyes wont be changeable ingame but mouth shapes can?

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That can work
But it wouldn’t be the same without eye-changing

But that also means you could have glowing eyes with any face tho :wink:

“No matter how ugly my face looks, my eyes will shine brighter than your future”

Sadly tho, during the night I’ll be caught easier than a guy with NVGs on

But it will still look cewl xd

Yeah, I’d be able to see my shiny eyes as the camera rotates around my dead body

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