Failed to find map <map>, defaulting to PEI!

I have a problem , when i put my map, it only puts Map not found! Defaulting to PEI!
In the console doesnt puts anything, i dont know what happens

I tried everythink, the commands.dat, etc

Pls help

What are you trying to set the map to? It may just be that you typed the name in wrong, or the map may not be downloaded.

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The name is perfect, it is in
Workshop/Steam/content/304930 and the folder with the map

Im trying it in Pine Hosting

To clarify, I think they were asking what the name of the map is – not what hosting provider you are using.

Although if you’re using a third-party hosting service, they likely have a way to contact them for troubleshooting/support with their services.

Ok, i will try it. Thanks

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