Fallout 76 Poll v2

Why would Bethesda lie? If people found they lied it would lower game sales by a lot.

Few Days late, But it was recently found out that bethseda has no encryption or security for players. So DDoSing players in 76 is gonna be fun ride for us all. If you own 76, Be careful.

They won’t be selling it even on Steam. That’s one of the many reason I’ll pass.

“We did it to provide the best Experience for all our players”

Good map location, no npcs tho :frowning:

they did it for a more immersive experience. I highly disagree with that. in fact, i disagree with a lot of things they’re doing. like the dueling system, how you have to accept the duel to fight. as well as this “blueprint system” where you buildings never get destroyed or lost. there is no point in raiding people if there is no penalty.

I don’t recall them saying this.

The Creation Engine received a couple improvements to facilitate the whole “multiplayer” aspect and such of Fallout 76. It receives improvements for every major release, despite needing to be wholly replaced imho due to how old it is.

Next-gen games (Starfield, Elder Scrolls VI, etc.) will also run on the Creation Engine.

You get a more direct profit by selling out of your own engine, rather than giving a portion of your profits to Valve first. Personally, I think the game would sell better on Steam, but it’s healthy competition regardless. I’ve never understood why people get so upset about a couple games being launcher-exclusives. You’re on PC, it’s not the equivalent of needing to own three different consoles.

People shouldn’t equate launcher-exclusives to being as annoying as console-exclusives, which is something people do a lot.

tfw means “That Feel When

If it was grammatically correct, it should be “that feeling when.” Regardless, it’s not “tears for when” but most of the time you can make those interchangeable anyways so it doesn’t really matter.

I think part of the problem was that there was not enough time for them to realistically be able to fix their product. The beta should’ve happened sooner, in initially smaller groups. It didn’t happen the way they made it seem like it was going to.

Bethesda is known for buggy games. They should’ve probably done something about that, especially when pushing an already-controversial spin-off to a flagship franchise.

Most of the assets are reused from Fallout 4. Similarly, New Vegas reused a lot of assets from Fallout 3.

They intentionally chose to build on from Fallout 4 so that they could more quickly develop the game. They said this. It’s a spin-off, just like New Vegas was.

Calling it a “mod” definitely isn’t correct by any means, but I’m sure it feels like that to people due to the reused assets.

Of course, not all the assets come straight from Fallout 4, obviously. They did still make some new stuff.

A lot of those posts seem like they’re just fear-mongering. Afaik it uses the same encryption as the launcher itself, but you could probably try and manually track the packets and see where they go if you really wanted to.


Pretty sure when they announced it, they said so. I dunno.

Thank You for casting your vote on Fallout 76

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I will argue that it is a good game till I die.

Or at least till I have played it.


No, not that…


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Oi, I’ve wasted hours of my life watching people play it, I just need to earn some cash and play it myself. (and maybe upgrade my computer some more.)

It’s not meant to be the next fallout game, it’s like Fallout Shelter, it’s an addition to the universe, but not Fallout 5, that’s why they called it Fallout 76. Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas run on the same engine despite being released 2 years apart. 5 years later, Fallout 4 has a new engine. 3 years after Fallout 4, 76 has the same engine. Having amazing graphics and a gaming studio that is totally new to Multiplayer is enough for me to give em a break. I play for the fun, not the intense plot or wether or not it meets expectations.

Did he ever say it was?

you wouldn’t need to upgrade your pc since the FPS is locked at 30


doubtful on how the FPS is locked?

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