Fallout New Vegas Map Devlog #2

Hello, and welcome to the second devlog of the Fallout New Vegas map. The project now finally has a team! Mato and Obi, both of whom have worked on several fallout mods, as modellers to help finish the custom buildings much faster (there are just so many to add) than before.
Anyway let’s get on with the pictures;

Freeside is an interesting place in New Vegas. The feel of a rundown civilization directly between a thriving one is something that needs to be emphasized with visuals.

Need some rest on your way back to New California? The Mojave Outpost provides the best stop there is on your way back west!

Lost at night, with no idea where you are going? Fear not! The bright lights of the Strip that penetrates the dark night sky is there to guide you on your way!

On your way to Vegas from the Mojave Outpost? I don’t think so. That smoke coming out of the Nipton there? That’s something I’ll pass even if I’ll strike jackpot in Vegas.

Alright, that covers up the pictures for now.
In other news, we are now opening our discord server to the public for you to hop on and get more updates on the project! Hop in now and prepare for the future! https://discord.gg/hraaWbW

That’s all for today folks, tune in next time for the third devlog!

Psst, we might have a trailer coming up somewhere wink


Traveling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.


The game was rigged from the start.


Whats going on with the texture here?

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Two separate road node paths are crossing at the same height.


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