Falls FPS when you fold the game

Hello! I have a lot of drops FPS when you fold the game, for example, rolled up to watch discord and FPS from 80 drops to 40, this is in the menu in the game from 50 drops to 20. Please ask for your help! (I am Russian and write through a translator, sorry for the errors in the text)

Close every tab that you dont use, set everything to low, turn off your fps limit

I have everything closed, open only Unturned, the chart at a minimum the fall of the FPS occurs immediately after the minimization not after a while

If you’re minimizing Unturned only for Discord, then you can try using the Discord overlay


No I wrote about discord for example)

Today reinstalled Windows and all the drivers just to solve this problem, did not help…

I have a graphics card it Is Nvidia, namely Nvidia GeForce GT 620M

Well there you have it, that’s an entry-level gpu, close to 8 or 9 years old, can’t really expect it to perform well nowadays unfortunately.

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