Fango V3


You guys must be sick of me by now :sweat_smile:

Here is V3 of the Fango , it has changed alot fom the original model thanks to you guys , it now has thicker roof supports and roof , a unturned style grill and enough space in the back for 2 crates(4 if u really spend time in positioning them).

As well as the ticker roof it also does not curve in as much , has proper collision boxs to allow stuff to be placed in the bed instead of on top of it and I placed the wheels lower .


I think the oval/round lights look weird in Unturned’s artstyle. I’d advise using hexagonal headlights and rectangular taillights.

Other than that, it looks a lot better than last time. Keep up the good work!


Thanks , I will change them :slight_smile:


At least he knows our feelings.


I think you’d be a good modder for Jalopy.


New lights …


The what now?


He’s saying that your original style closely matched that of a game called Jalopy, and I have to agree.

See for yourself

Edit: Link is fixed


ok , i have not heard of that game but ill look it up.


link dont work j XD


Looks Dope!


Thanks :smile:


The lines around and behind the car kinda rubs me in the wrong way.

Again, other than that it’s pretty unique, in a way.