Farming Tools

Since farming is really fucking hard, we should have some farming tools that are attachable to the tractor. (eg: Curvilators, seeders, etc.) And also some new vehicles that have their sole purpose for farming. This will make RP servers much better and also new mods.

It got flagged. Very nice!


Maybe personal handheld tools, but not tractor attachments, that’s too much


Maybe horses with equipment could be balanced. Plus you’d need to maintain your horse in good condition

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I disagree, I think it would be awesome

pretty much we need all the U3 farming mods added into U4, and then some. This is meant to be a survival game, so we need more emphasis on farming for sure!

Just adding “more things” won’t be the best solution, which is thankfully why Nelson has confirmed he wants to implement new and advanced farming mechanics such as irrigation systems, as well as some degree of automation.

In addition, it’s implied that in UII plants will actually need things like sunlight and water to grow.

(Interestingly, another confirmed upcoming feature related to farming is being able to grow your own dyes so that’s cool too?)

Also, in response to OP’s suggestions, I think it wouldn’t be out of place to find a regular tractor in a farm, so having things such as simple plows and harvesters you could pull behind it would be alright by me (maybe even a full combine harvester could be found in only the largest of farms). Just nothing too over the top.


“Awesome” doesn’t mean “Useful”, and also do you seriously want to have a frickin Farming Simulator inside Unturned?

I don’t see how it could hurt the game and why would it not be useful, Ull will have more complex farming mechanics so I don’t see why it could not be added. If it gets added to the game I’m sure it would have a use in the game.

Screw farming, i want to hook up a curvilator to my sedan and turn some zombies into smoothies.

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I’m pretty sure you just made that up right now.

I assumed he meant the curvy tilling thingy.

I assume he meant a cultivator. @linkfanpc what curvy tilling thing?

Ways to plant multiple crops at a time or many crops very quickly would be wonderful to have though. Someone mentioned a mod where you planted a bunch of seeds as a shelf full of plants.


What we need is more types of farming mechanics, as well as “more things”. You should be able to craft many different foods, use different types of farming, etc. I remember back when I used to play Minecraft; damn all of those farming mods (Pam’s, Hunger Overhaul, etc) were great! All we need to do is implement those into Unturned, combine them with existing U3 mods such as More Farming Mod, and add them into U4

Dat idea ain’t bad ain’t bad at all

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